'Meet the Executive'


President & CEO

Bernadette Martin BSc (chiro) DC FMCA FRCC

Berni graduated in 1998 and joined the MCA Executive Committee in 2001 first in the role of Executive Officer, then moving on to other roles including Membership Secretary, Secretary, Vice Chair and now President. She has a strong customer service background having spent 23 years working for British Airways and understands the value of keeping the customer happy! She has lectured at the McTimoney College in the past and run many seminars and webinars over the years, covering kinesiology, chiropractic and soft tissue techniques. Berni has also completed medico-legal training with Bond Solon/ Cardiff University and works closely with our insurance company providing medico-legal advice and support to members, insurers and legal professionals as well as expert report writing.  

With a love for sport, Berni works in professional ice hockey as a Chiropractor/ Medic to the NIHL1 Solent Devils, providing chiropractic care to the players as well as emergency medical support during games. 

Berni says, 'I have enjoyed every moment of service to the MCA and its members and have worked tirelessly to make sure our voice is heard, that the MCA influences the direction of the profession and that we continue to work towards unity, understanding and above all tolerance of each other.'  

Email: b.martin@mctimoney-chiropractic.org



Christine Chalmers DC FMCA

I started my working life as a bilingual secretary and lived and worked in London (and yes, I can testify that the swinging sixties were a special time).  Then, motherhood and domesticity called.  But age 40 with children now at school I applied to the College, having had chiropractic care from Hugh Corley and been very impressed by the results.  At that time there was much competition for places on the course but luckily I made it through that process and continued on to qualify and work for the next 20 years in this very special profession and to serve on the Executive Committee.  It has been both a great pleasure and a privilege to do so.

Email: vice.president@mctimoney-chiropractic.org


Rebecca Weir (Sealey) MChiro MMCA

Becky graduated from the McTimoney College of Chiropractic in 2013 and has worked in many chiropractic roles since then. She now spends her time running her own clinics in Haddenham and in Swindon, where she is based. Becky has a keen interest in Chiropractic and the growth of the profession having joined the Executive Committee for the McTimoney Chiropractic Association in 2019. Outside of the profession, Becky loves spending time with her friends and family (both human and dogs!) and reluctantly visits the gym when possible. She also enjoys attending music events and festivals where she volunteered with the Festival Medical Services at Glastonbury for a number of years.  

Email: secretary@mctimoney-chiropractic.org 

Executive Officer & Treasurer (Currently on Sabbatical)

Liz Carson

Liz works closely with the President and Executive Committee ensuring that the aims and goals of the MCA are achieved, and is involved at all stages of strategic planning and marketing.

Liz brings crucial in depth understanding of the profession and the problems that chiropractors and the profession can face.

Email: liz@mctimoney-chiropractic.org or telephone 01491 739120

Public Relations Officer

Rebecca Fry MChiro PGDip Animal Chiropractic, MMCA, LRCC

Becky graduated from McTimoney College of Chiropractic with a Masters in Chiropractic, achieving a first class degree with honours. She loves chiropractic as it combines her interest in health and science with her inherent drive to help others.

Email: PR@mctimoney-chiropractic.org

Membership Secretary (Acting) 

Simon Spearing DC, MMCA, MRCC

Simon has been practicing McTimoney Chiropractic since 1990 and also uses dry needling techniques. He was formerly Senior Practical Tutor at the McTimoney College in Abingdon. Simon has been with the Executive Committee for over a year and has recently taken on the Membership Secretary role.

Email: Membership@mctimoney-chiropractic.org

Executive Member

Aarti Shah DC FMCA

I qualified as a McTimoney Chiropractor in 1989 and have been working continuously throughout that period taking McTimoney Chiropractic to Bahrain, Singapore, Nepal, and Europe. I have been running established clinics in London since 1995 and I still have clients from those early days as well as clients flying in from overseas. My clients range from 3 years old to 90 years of age and even 3 generations from the same family.

Email: Executive.member@mctimoney-chiropractic.org

Co-Opted Members

Clare Stringer MChiro, DC

Clare graduated in 2019 and since then has added animal care to her qualifications with a PGDip in Animal Chiropractic. She has recently joined our PR Team and will work closely with our PR Officer.