Sports Chiropractic

Chiropractors have been involved in the treatment of sports people and sports-related injuries from the very beginning of the profession. They see patients of all ages and abilities with a range of acute and chronic conditions. Many chiropractors now work in professional and elite sport.

Chiropractors spend a long time in their training understanding the biomechanics of the body and many chiropractors go on to complete further post graduate training in sports therapies and sports injury management. Techniques used are carefully selected to each individual and will be adapted to suit each patient.

New patients tend to visit a chiropractor for crisis care when they have sustained an injury and are in pain, but they soon learn the benefits of a regular maintenance programme and pre-tournament care.

Referral: Chiropractors have broad diagnostic skills and if your chiropractor feels your problem is not suitable for chiropractic care or needs further investigation, they will liaise with your GP and other health care providers to arrange an appropriate referral, as long as you provide your permission to do so.

With sports care, along with general chiropractic care, your chiropractor is not just concerned with the treatment of minor sports injuries, but is concerned about how to prevent them in the first place. Prevention may come from a change of posture or seating arrangements, or by identifying a mechanical dysfunction which you may not be aware of, but is stopping you from performing to your maximum capability.  For those involved in sports, it does not matter if you are a professional or play sports for fun and well-being, chiropractic care will be appropriate. 

As a discipline that deals with functional disorders of the joints, chiropractic is suited to being included as part of the medical back-up team of any sport.