Animal Success Stories


Badders Interview with NZ Team Therapist & MCA Member, Leigh Miller

"At the 2nd trot-up I happened to be standing next to the official NZ Team therapist, Leigh Miller. She’s obviously a very cool customer because she hardly reacted when Clifton Promise was sent to the holding box, I only discovered her identity later when we got chatting. She very kindly agreed to a quick interview at the end of the trot-up." Click here to read more.......


Badminton Horse Trials; Meeting the Lady Helping to Keep Horses on Track

 After the rigours of today’s cross-country, chiropractor Leigh Miller, who is keeping the  New Zealand horses in tip top shape down at the stables, will be working extremely  hard behind the scenes? Click here to read more......  






Dogworld; Living with Dogs

What do you do when, first thing in the morning and for no apparent reason, an elderly dog looks utterly miserable and when trying to rise from his bed is unable to stand , let alone walk, on a front leg? Panic! Click here to read the full article..... 


Chiropractor Called in for Wolves - Interview with MCA Member Steven Aronson DC AMC MMCA

"I was contacted by Rebecca Willers of Shepreth Wildlife Park in August 2009. One of her zoo keepers had received treatment from me and informed her that I treated animals as well as humans. She explained that in March 2009 the vets had diagnosed their two European grey wolves with osteoarthritis.  The male in particular was splaying out his left hind leg, stumbling and having difficulty getting up.  The vet was considering euthanasia but was happy for me to give them animal chiropractic treatment and anything else that I recommended.

I explained that although chiropractic treatment cannot cure arthritis, it can help to alleviate the symptoms.  We agreed that keeping the wolves comfortable in their old age would be a positive outcome of the treatment.  I have treated them on three occasions so far and have provided them with an aloe vera supplement which includes glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM.  I am pleased to say that they have responded very well and seem to be enjoying life to the full.

Anybody wanting more information about the chiropractic treatment of the wolves and the products they have been taking are welcome to contact me."

See Steven and the wolves on a recent report from the BBC by clicking on this link

You can also view the Shepreth Wildlife Park web site here